About Us – A social enterprise

We provide IT and Media Production services and products and as a Social enterprise we aim to contribute up to 40% of the profits towards social causes.

How we work?

At Fountfully, the team has a strong passion in giving back to the society. A line we live by would be “why we do what we do“. We sell products and provide services with the aim of being able to give back to the society.

Having just enough for ourselves is more than enough. There are people out there who requires more help, and we want to be able to provide the support they require.

We want to be the change. And you can help us by supporting us.

Always wanted to give back to the society but do not know how? Wish to help the marginalised community but unsure of how you could do so? By supporting us, you can actually indirectly help those in need.

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“why we do what we do”

– John C., founder of Fountfully
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